About Impact Fairfield County

About Impact Fairfield County

Letter from the co-presidents: Wendy Block and Vicki Craver

The first three years of Impact Fairfield County have provided us with a unique view into our community. There is much to be grateful for: we have women that are willing to use their time, treasure, and talent to support each other. In addition, our local nonprofits have the expertise to make a difference and are hard at work transforming lives.

At Impact, we are privileged to work at this intersection, convening women that enable nonprofits to dream big.

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Last year we were thrilled to be able to provide TWO $100,000 Impact Grants. We hope to award at least two Impact Grants going forward, while also continuing to give our other finalists general operating grants. We hope that you will continue or join us in this effort!

In addition, we are thrilled to be launching Generation Impact Fairfield County! This new program is for high school girls that want to make a difference in their community. We are inspired by these young leaders, who will serve as the next generation of philanthropists. Please help us to spread the word.

This upcoming year, our goal is to work toward elevating the membership experience. To this end, we are planning to host our inaugural education event in January. We look forward to gathering as a membership to learn from local women in the field and together enhance our philanthropic knowledge.

We are also continuing to deepen our grantee analysis. We are actively working to tailor metrics with our Impact Grantees that will allow us to better understand the difference we are making as an organization and progress made from those we are serving through our grants.

Notably, we continue to be a part of the international growth of the Impact 100 model. There are currently 52 Impact 100’s with another 9 in formation, and the amount of grant funding collectively to date is over $55 million.

Please join as a member now!

We are inspired and encouraged to continue this work together in the year ahead.

Warmly, Wendy and Vicki

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women joined as members


nonprofits applied for an Impact grant


members participated in our grants review process


in grant funding has been awarded over the last 3 years supporting exceptional organizations in our community

We awarded TWO Impact Grants totaling


to the Stamford Public Education Foundation for its Ready. Set. Shine! program and Supportive Housing Works for its Vehicle for Change program

We provided


in general operating grants to Carver Foundation of Norwalk and Open Doors Shelter

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Vicki Craver


Steviann Martines


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Cathy Ostuw

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Cathy Dishner
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Lauren Dubinsky
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Katie Penna
Ingrid Winn

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Sara Allard

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Lucy Ball
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