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Membership in Impact Fairfield County is conditioned upon receipt of a $1,000 non-refundable donation and this signed form. Contributions are due by December 31st.


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I will not disclose confidential information acquired in connection with the work I do on behalf of Impact FFC. I agree not to share members’ contact information outside the membership. I understand that the membership list will be distributed to other Impact FFC members, and made available on our website and printed materials. I agree that my image may be used in photographs to promote Impact FFC via the website or other materials.
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To ensure a fully transparent grant selection process, I will disclose to the Impact FFC board of directors any potential conflict of interest that I may have with Impact FFC applicants. I understand that I may be asked to refrain from discussion on any topic where a potential conflict of interest arises. Also, I will not attempt to gain an advantage for or to persuade members to vote for a particular application.

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